About us

InterOptic purpose

We provide you the tools and knowledge to make IT network deployments even more successful. Our brand-equivalent optical transceivers maximize network value.

InterOptic mission

The InterOptic team gained vast experience by creating the world’s largest optical networks. This expertise helps us bring you brand-equivalent optic transceivers for LAN and data center interconnection. 

Over 14 years, we’ve helped IT pros choose the best optics and fiber for networks like yours.

When you work with the optical interconnection specialists at InterOptic, we pledge to deliver you:

•      Product quality and performance that equals or exceeds OEMs

•      Shorter lead times and faster turnaround

•      Robust 100% physical testing

•      100% traceability of each part 

•      Easy plug and play deployment

•      Savings of 50% or more, compared with OEMs

•      Availability of legacy parts that OEMs discontinued

•      A limited lifetime warranty backed by US-based tech support

Our history

Since starting up in 2005, InterOptic has become a leading innovator in optical transceivers. 

Our team brings you more than 150 years of combined experience in optical components and networks. We take a hands-on approach to large-scale IT networks to meet the needs of government, communications, enterprise and education. 

Our people drew up some of the original specs and designs for optical connections in the world’s largest networks. Today, InterOptic equipment drives high fan-out 40Gb and 100Gb hubs and backbones for LAN and data center interconnection. 

InterOptic leaders understand how to maximize network performance and value for you. That’s what our team’s been doing for decades.


Brian McConnell

President & Chief Executive Officer

Brian Brown

Vice President, Midwest Sales

Board of Directors

Charles Parilla

Industry Advisor

Wayne Partington

Vice President, Corporate Development Fortune Brands

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