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Spotlight on the SFP+

We’ve designed and built high performance, high availability products for over three decades and experienced a broad range of applications (download a product line overview in PDF format). One application that helped us grow and extend profitability in our first couple of years in business was wireless backhaul. Nearly a decade ago, we assisted a large number of contractors for the major wireless providers to build out required infrastructure for 4G/LTE upgrades. Our transceivers were instrumental in providing the profit margin needed to make their business model work. Our partners also enjoyed higher quality and performance compared to their former OEM alternatives.

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Given our deep understanding of optical applications, InterOptic specifies extended parameters in key performance areas to meet large-scale networking needs. This experience allows us to recognize the unique needs these rollouts require and eliminate latent bit errors, jitter, optical power mismatch and other anomalies that cause retransmissions and degrade network performance.



InterOptic products are designed to work end-to-end and back-to-back with any permutation of networking products. They are engineered to be OEM brand-equivalent for 100% plug-n-play compatibility. Far more than passing traffic, this includes proper initialization, query response, troubleshooting, optical monitoring, and proper display in the OEM or third-party operations systems.



We can deliver large quantities in line with big OEMs. Our capacity for handling large volume is a result of years cultivating deep relationships with the top optical component manufacturers. In addition, our supply chain supports peak response where we have produced tens of thousands of transceivers under accelerated lead times to meet our customers’ needs.



Our more than 200 years of collective optical engineering experience makes us uniquely qualified to help specify and design complex networks or any other pre-sales support your IT team may need. In addition, we provide post-sales support and troubleshooting after installation. Given the critical nature of network traffic and ever increasing network size and complexity make expertise in optics even more important.

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