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Packet Pushers Talks Optics with Tim Dixon

Join the lively duo Ethan Banks and Greg Ferro as they take a wild ride through the land of optics. Together with InterOptic CEO Tim Dixon, the group covers everything from the Shannon limit to the safety of kittens everywhere. Who knew optics could be so interesting? Learn more and listen to the podcast over at Packet Pushers.

*No kittens were harmed in the production of this podcast or any transceivers created by InterOptic.

Forbes Q&A with Tim Dixon: The Hardware Company Helping Businesses Increase Their Network Bandwidth

In an extensive Q&A with Forbes contributor Julian Mitchell, Tim Dixon explains how InterOptic’s independent and brand-agnostic position makes the company uniquely suited to fill the growing optics need inside the data center. Read more about InterOptic: The Hardware Company Helping Businesses Increase Their Network Bandwidth.