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Inc.: 3 Ways the Future of Networking Is Interoperability

A recent article in Inc. by Drew Hendricks highlights the future of networking as it relates to Data Interconnect, IoT and Cybersecurity. Read more about how data networks are improving their connections in 3 Ways the Future of Networking is Interoperability.

Crain’s: The little guy that’s beating Cisco

InterOptic CEO, Tim Dixon, was featured in a Crain’s article about how the company is going up against Cisco and winning large contracts including the U.S. Navy, Stanford University and a growing list of Fortune 500s.

From the piece, “The big reason we use InterOptic is for their cost advantage,” says Tim Cothern, a program manager at Hewlett Packard Enterprise who manages a U.S. Department of Defense contract. “Their optics are cheaper yet their speed of delivery is actually faster.”

You can read more here: