Brian McConnell

President & CEO

Brian McConnell, is a technology/marketing executive and entrepreneur with over two decades of success in developing emerging technologies and solutions for high growth industries. Most recently, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for a startup Optulink, Inc. who developed Software as a Service (SaaS) optimization solutions, algorithms and associated patents that optimize mobile voice and data for global 4G/5G Mobile Network Operator (MNO) radio access networks.

Before joining Optulink, McConnell was Vice President and General Manager of a $300+ million division of Tellabs, Inc., (now Coriant). As division leader, he identified new mobile product strategies, expanded revenues, improved profitability, focused product management, marketing and R&D teams on developing complex 4G mobile packet gateway, fiber transport (ROADM), Voice Quality Enhancement and Cross Connect solutions that captured greater than 50% market share in highly competitive technology markets. McConnell built R&D teams in low-cost geographies that greatly reduced R&D costs by as much as 60% and successfully launched new IP gateway solutions in less than 12 months.

McConnell was Vice President of Marketing for all transport solutions at Tellabs, Inc. (now Coriant) where he led global marketing, product management and sales support for product lines that grew to over $700 million in annual revenue. He developed the product strategy, led the marketing and technical sales efforts for a new technology that was launched in the fiber transport telecom market, Remote Optical Add Drop Multiplexing (ROADM) solutions that generated $300M within the first two years post product release.

McConnell expanded the lifecycle of a product that generated more than $7 billion of revenue during its life. He actively participated in M&A activities, analyzing the markets and technology of 6 potential acquisitions and led the successful integration of acquisitions.

McConnell earned his Bachelors of Electrical Engineering (BSEE) from the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.