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Packet Pushers: All About Optics

Packet Pushers: All About Optics

InterOptic loves kittens

As heard on Packet Pushers…

“You know those transceivers you buy from the same vendor who made the switch because someone told you if you buy non-vendor branded optics that God will kill a kitten? Well…what if you had a legitimate option for optics where you didn’t have to buy the overpriced vendor transceivers and God leaves the kittens alone? And more importantly, the TAC doesn’t give you a hard time when you call in for support.”

Trust us when we say that nearly everyone at InterOptic loves kittens (save Michael who very much doesn’t) and we believe we have some optics you’ll want to buy.

Listen in as Tim Dixon opines about transceivers, the Shannon limit and the future of fiber optics in the data center.

Listen to the podcast: All About Optics With InterOptic